Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

CommYou 0.1.4 Released

NOTE: All conversations are currently public. That's intentional: we haven't gotten to friend-locking and community-locking yet. They'll be coming in a while. For the time being, though, the public-ness affects several of the items below.
  • Story 102: You can now go directly to a specific conversation in CommYou, with a simple RESTful URL. ([CommYou base]/conversation/[convId]) This isn't so directly useful on its own, but is the base of many future stories to allow you to link to particular conversations. The loading in this case is optimized to show you the conversation as quickly as possible, preloading the rest of CommYou in the background while you read. I *think* you should be okay switching to the other views while it's finishing preload, but tell me if you manage to find problems in this: I could easily believe I've missed things.

  • Story 320: If you haven't installed CommYou, you can still read publicly visible conversations (that you find from, eg, your News Feed). You still can't respond, I'm afraid -- for the moment, we're not allowing anonymous responses (due to spam/abuse concerns), and Facebook won't tell us your identity until you've installed the app.

  • Fixed Bug 100: When you can't log in for some reason (for instance, if you haven't added the application), you now get helpful and decently clear error messages, instead of cryptic Java stack tracebacks.

  • Story 152: When you post new conversations, they will now show up in your Facebook Mini-Feed. (And potentially in your friends' News Feeds, if the gods of Facebook smile upon us.) This should start making the system more practical and easy to use. You can click directly from these feed stories to the conversation. At least for the moment, this also includes conversations started in communities; that may become optional down the line, if people want.

  • Tweaked the tooltips a bit. They now fade in and out, and don't appear quite so fast. Tell me what you think of them!

  • Story 268: There is now an explicit limit on the length of a post or response (currently 32k). If you go over this limit, you now get a friendly error message, instead of a horrible stack traceback. Hopefully this is the end of the Hamlet saga.

  • Fixed Bug 97: OverText no longer implies that there is *no* limit to the length of a post.

  • The internal tables are now running on InnoDB instead of MyISAM. This mostly means that the system is more stable.
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