Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The Gamester Tieth Hith Tongue in Knoths

Last night's interesting project was teaching some easy games to the Elizabethan English group, at the request of madamebuttery. The teaching was easy (I was deliberately teaching just straightforward gambling games); the language less so. It was a little disconcerting, since I have *written* a fair amount of period English in The Ace's Boke. But coming up with the right words at speaking speed proves much harder for me. I didn't even attempt an appropriate accent -- I think my head would have exploded. Something to play with and practice a bit.

Dance practice was more straightforward. I finally got around to reintroducing Alta Regina: as ladysprite had pointed out to me, that's really one of the easier dances in the 16th c. Italian repertoire, and pretty much all of dance practice seemed to be more or less getting it. I should work that one a bit over the next few weeks: it's a good combination of bouncy, fun and not too hard, so it might stick...
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