Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

One of those examples of unintended consequences

A point I'm fond of making is that no rule is without its price. Laws that seem perfectly sensible and straightforward when written always have edge cases that are a lot greyer.

Apparently one of those is playing out right now in the Midrealm. msmemory asked me to look into it, so I found this thread on the Middlebridge talking about it. Basically, it appears that, distracted by serious mundane issues (the Queen broke her elbow), the Royalty didn't notice that their membership check had gotten lost, and they lapsed for 3 days. It was the middle of the week, so no business was conducted in that time, and they dealt with it promptly once the problem came to their attention, but the damage was done. The rules are unambiguous, so the Society level was forced to pull the plug on the reign.

We'll see what happens -- I gather from later in the conversation that there is some behind-the-scenes work going on to try and come to a reasonable compromise here. My main takeaway, though, is that it's important to leave room for judgement in any legal system: to have mechanisms that can take extenuating circumstances into account. I'll be curious to see if the SCA can manage to do so, or if we've written ourselves into a corner here...
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