Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The iPod has a strange sense of humor

You have to keep in mind that most of what I listen to on the iPod is the "Road Music -- Good" playlist. That's the mid-grade list of fun, higher-energy music. (The plain "Road Music" playlist is bigger but contains some marginal stuff; "Better" and "Best" are progressively more selective.) There's a lot there -- about 1300 tracks -- and I listen to it on random shuffle, and I expect a lot of randomizing.

So when I'm listening to Clam Chowder's famous rendition of "MacIntyre", my initial reaction is, "Ah -- Lincoln Park Pirates should come up next", and my second reaction is, "Don't be silly -- the iPod is randomizing, and the chances of that are ridiculously low."

And sure enough, "Lincoln Park Pirates" doesn't come on. "Talk Like a Pirate Day" does...

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