Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Babylon 5 is good for my stamina

Having finished Star Trek: The Next Generation last week, today was the start of Babylon 5. First up was The Gathering, the introductory movie. As I remembered, it had lots of weak spots, but was still pretty intriguing. I'm looking forward to watching it side-by-side with Deep Space Nine for the next year. ("Year of the Space Stations", I suppose.)

Despite this being at least the third time I've watched the whole series, and probably the fifth time I've seen The Gathering, I'm still noticing details for the first time. My favorite this time around was when Ben is being attacked by the faux Lyta, and grabs a pipe off the wall to hit her with -- knowing the series (and his opponent) well enough by now, I practically cringed, going, "No, no, no -- worst combat mistake *ever*."

The hardest part of the morning run is keeping my mind off of how hard I'm working. Running is kind of like Douglas Adams' version of flying -- I can only really do it if I'm not paying attention. B5 is looking excellent for that: I set a new stamina record today, despite being pretty tired. 9.06 nominal miles in 99 minutes = 5.49 MPH at level 8 on the elliptical. Not bad -- I suspect that one will stand for a while...
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