Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

A busy Saturday

A few recollections from a party-centric day yesterday:

At jrising's going-away party first. (For those who didn't know, Myndroh is moving to Brazil; this was the "consume my stuff" farewell bash.)

Overcame my shyness about looking incompetent and played Rock Band for the first time -- this proves to be every bit as much fun as I've been told, and I'm not as terrible at it as I expected. I have enough sense of rhythm to at least vaguely manage (especially on songs that I know), and my reflexes from Frequency turn out to be mildly applicable to the drums and very much so to the guitar. I'm still only playing on Easy, of course, but I'm hitting most of the notes on that level.

Finished that party off with a strange mutant version of an American BBQ. From 20 feet away it looked much the same, but the food was mostly vegetarian, and the grill was one of these strange new Char-Broils that completely separates the food from the fire. Aaron and I agreed that it's not *really* grilling if you don't get some blackening from massive fat flareups.

Thence to the Buttery. Really neat keepsakes provided by Marion (little tins with a picture of the Buttery on them, filled with "Now we are 30" custom-made M&Ms). Played Settlers for the first time in a couple of years -- it does seem to be aging into "classic" status, and continues to be fun. As always with Buttery parties, got to chat with lots of folks who I don't see often enough.

And at both parties, talking about CommYou, and getting into discussions of conversation tech with folks through it. If nothing else, this project is proving to be fertile ground for provoking thought on the subject, and getting people talking about what's been done and what could be...
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