Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

On the "don't do this" list...

Okay, here's one more for the "things I've done that you probably haven't" meme, since a couple of mine have required ritual remorse and replacement. (And because some other lists reminded me of it.)
  • Broken a bone in a trampoline accident -- because the trampoline fell on me.
Probably the least traumatic terrible accident ever. Once we reopened the trampoline and determined that, despite the fact that I couldn't feel it any more, my forearm had not, in fact, fallen entirely off, the whole thing was oddly fun. I still remember the novocaine syringe as being 18" long and 3" thick, but aside from that nothing in the process particularly hurt. The fiberglass cast was an excuse to avoid any tasks I didn't want to do, while allowing me anything I did. Overall, a fine way to spend a summer at age 11ish.

It is curious to realize that both times that I have suffered serious injury, it's been within seconds of me asking "what?" instead of paying attention. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

(And it is sobering to realize that, if the same thing happened today, it would probably result in investigation, recrimination and misery. At the time, everyone shrugged, said, "eh -- it's camp", and didn't worry about it much, which strikes me as quite the healthier attitude...)
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