Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Is Adsense for Flash coming?

The big tech news of the day is that Adobe and Google have teamed up to make Flash files searchable. Basically, the content inside these files will be readable by Google's engines.

That's pretty useful unto itself, but it does lead me to wonder whether it is leading towards an even more important change: the ability to put Google Adsense inside of a Flash file. Yes, I know -- the idea of more ads isn't appealing. But frankly, from my POV it would be a game-changer. Systems like CommYou have to support themselves somehow, and Adsense may be the best option: it allows relatively smart contextual advertisements, which means I could show fewer, more useful and relevant ads.

To date, I've largely ruled out a Flash front end for CommYou, almost entirely because it's incompatible with Adsense -- if I decide that I need advertising, I'd be left with the older, dumber and more annoying big flashing banner ads that irritate the hell out of me. But if Adsense starts to plug into Flash, it suddenly becomes possible -- which means that I could probably get my rich front end with a better look-and-feel, less effort, and a lot less bugs. That's damned intriguing.

(To those who suffered through Flash in the older days: keep in mind that ActionScript 3 is almost completely different from previous versions. The new system is more or less what Javascript aspires to be: a fairly decent, serious language. It even uses Eclipse as its IDE. Compared to developing for all the different browsers separately, it would be a big win...)
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