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Books, books, books!

My reconstruction of Primero (essentially the Renaissance equivalent of Poker) is getting itself noticed, so I've wound up in correspondence with Thierry Depaulis -- basically the leading light on period games. In an illustration that nothing is ever finished, he's pointed me at several more period sources that I hadn't previously known about. I managed to find a recent edition of Sir John Harington's "Nugae Antiquae" (which really sounds like it should mean "old candy bars"), but Berni's "Capitolo del gioco della primiera" doesn't seem to be in the Brandeis microfilm collection. (Which desperately needs a decent index.) So off to the used bookshops I go.

You Know You've Been In the SCA Too Long When you pay $60 for a 400-page used book from Europe, in Italian, despite having relatively poor Italian skills. But it contains a mid-16th century discussion of Primero, so I simply have to have it and translate it...

-- Justin
Who is very fortunate that msmemory shares his view that books make the best toys...
"Okay. Let's git our bearings. Here we are: a wise ol' man, an
 incipient father, a confirmed bachelor, and a duck. Not eggzackly
 a cross section o' humanity, but a slice o' life nonetheless."
		-- from Invaders From Home

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