Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
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[Happy birthday to jtdiii!]

I strongly commend the new blog by Jan Kassens, one of the more serious and interesting MooTools developers. It's only been running a couple of days, but it already demonstrates some of the extraordinary power of the MooTools toolkit, with articles showing things like how to make event binding suck less, and how to build high-level pseudo-DOM elements in MooTools.

Very neat stuff, which continues to remind me why MooTools is the most essential piece of my Javascript tool belt -- it continues to be less about cool widgets, and more about constructs that really unleash the raw power of Javascript. (Which, despite being a problematic language, is a lot more powerful than it's often given credit for.) Of the three articles posted so far, two are likely to get used directly in CommYou when I find the time...
Tags: mootools, technology

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