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For those who don't know him: osewalrus is one of the smarter guys I know. He's a sometime Carolingian, now living down in DC and fighting the good fight to try and keep the government from totally screwing up our communications infrastructure. If you're interested in the legal side of how this all works, I commend both his journal and Tales of the Sausage Factory, his professional blog. Both are well-written and fascinating, even if the events he talks about are often rather cringe-worthy.

From his LJ a few days ago, a new word worth remembering:
In other news, I am experiencing Cassandrafreude. I have decided Cassandrafruede is feeling good from the pain others are experiencing because they did not believe you when you predicted something for the future, even though you are also going to get caught up in the awful events through no fault of your own.

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