Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The Art of Conversation is live!

After talking about it for several weeks, I've finally gone and created the new blog: The Art of Conversation. The first post there describes in some detail what it's going to be about, so I won't echo it all here -- suffice it to say, the official focus is Purposeful Online Conversation in Communities.

I know that a bunch of folks here are interested in the subject, so I'll gently push you all over to it: please come, read, comment, and generally join in -- it'll be a lot more fun if I have some friends along for the ride. I've syndicated it in LJ as artofconv (hopefully LJ will eventually update that); the feed is http://artofconv.wordpress.com/feed if you want to follow it in some other blog reader.

Please don't be shy if you'd like to post something there. While I'll be the principal author, and will be trying to keep it professional and on-topic, I actually think it will be a lot more fun if other people are offering their insights as well. The blog is going to be *about* conversation, but I'd like it to also *be* a conversation itself, among people who are interested in the topic.

So please join in, and tell anyone who you think would be interested in it...
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