Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Public Service Announcement

Okay, really mostly for my benefit at this point, but I need to vent:

If you try to get to CommYou today, and can't get through, it is Not My Fault. Damned Facebook is dropping connections left and right, with the result that about half of my attempts to log into CommYou are simply crashing. Somewhere in the course of switching to the new profiles, they are clearly fouling up the API access. The same flakiness is happening on both the deployed and test versions, so I'm pretty sure it's at their end. (Has anyone seem flakiness in other Facebook apps today? Granted, I play more by the rules than most, so I may be more affected than most.)

I really need to stop depending on Facebook as my primary platform. LJ integration looks better and better each week; hopefully I can make the technical and legal details work easily. In theory, it ought to be straightforward enough -- a lot of the meme-generators do much of what I need...
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