Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Yay for the Wayback Machine

The Web is populated with sites that may only be useful occasionally, but when you need them, *boy* are they useful.

Today's is The Wayback Machine, AKA The Internet Archive. My research project for hot Pennsic days this year is to try to dig through all of the various reconstructions and sources on Primero, to come to a little more confidence in a reconstruction. However, when I went to print it out this evening, I found that a couple of the critical pages were now gone -- one site missing, one wiki apparently wiped mostly clean.

I almost despaired, but then remembered the Wayback Machine. Sure enough, a moment's research turned up a copy of the pages from a few years ago. So now I have a frighteningly complete sheaf of paper on the subject, ready for Pennsic. And a few bucks dropped in the donation box for archive.org -- sites like this are worth supporting every time I use them...
Tags: technology

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