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[F'locked until I get home from Pennsic.]

So last night's EK Court was quite nice, with many deserving awardees (including fosveny, who got to survive a 90-person vigil on Tuesday before his Pelican, and got the Queen of Arms to sponsor him as a representative of the CoH). It was capped by a long and quite moving tribute to Master El, in which he was awarded an Augmentation of Arms.

I was struck by two things, though. A surprising number of people are using the past tense far too much for my taste. El is still alive, kicking, and by the latest reports I'm hearing getting better. He's still a fighter, as he always has been, and I'm optimistic he'll still be kicking our butts for years to come.

And in giving the Augmentation, his Majesty said something to the effect of this being the most appropriate way for us to honor El. While I have to agree that it's a fine honor, the *most* appropriate way to honor him is to never let Truth go unsaid out of fear, and never let injustice stand. Awards are cheap -- deeds are what really count...
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