Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Continuing yesterday's thought...

More precisely, it isn't just the whining of the Olympic announcers that is really getting my goat, it's the second-guessing of the judges. Yes, many of the announcers are experts in their field, but it is hellishly tacky to be quite so high-handed about it. And even *that* wouldn't be quite so ugly if it wasn't so conspicuous that 90% of this second-guessing is in cases where the Americans didn't win. The result is a sort of ugly sour-grapes jingoism that puts my teeth on edge.

And the thing is, I really appreciate the sporting event *as* a sporting event. I enjoy cheering on the atheletes, and I'll admit that I get a grin when an American does well. But the blatant political slant of the coverage cheapens the whole damned thing, and aggravates me quite a bit...

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