Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

iTunes 8: caution is advised

Windows users should probably take a look at this article before installing iTunes 8. Summary: this innocuous-looking update to iTunes is actually 80 Meg, and does all kinds of hacking on your system -- it even installs new device drivers without telling you. And those device drivers aren't particularly stable: there are apparently a number of reports of folks getting the Blue Screen of Death when they activate. (Which is pretty hard nowadays -- the days when BSODs were common are, thankfully, past.)

It sounds like Apple released iTunes 8 under the gun (presumably it got scheduled around Jobs' speech the other day), and didn't QA it enough. And since, as has become typical of Apple, it's doing way more to your computer than it's telling you about, that's dangerous.

I'm curious about the new "Genius" features, but I think I'll wait for iTunes 8.1...
Tags: technology

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