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Google 2001

[Happy birthday to herooftheage!]

Google's toy of the day, in honor of their 10th anniversary, is the 2001 version of the site. It's rather amusing -- the old look-and-feel (which makes even the current version look busy by comparison), as well as the full data, presumably pulled off a tape somewhere.

It's not really *useful* for much, but it makes for amusing vanity searching. There are zero hits for "YouTube", of course, but already several pages of me. And it does make me curious about why some of the links for mailing-list messages are chosen over the others -- there are a couple thousand more hits elided, mostly *other* such messages. Presumably the ones that get top-listed are linked to from other people; now I'm curious about which ones they are.

They did miss a bet, though: the links are still the original ones, so many of them are dead. They really ought to have linked everything through the Wayback Machine instead (and given archive.org a hefty donation to cover the additional load)...
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