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Sunday Notes

A couple of notes about this past Sunday, while I still remember:

First: you should go apple picking. Really, you should. I went as part of ladysprite's party this weekend, and it was glorious. The rain had stopped by the time we got there, so the walking around was quite pleasant, and the apple trees at Berlin Orchard were spectacular. I mean, they're usually good, but this time there were really excellent apples all over them -- in some cases, the trees were positively laden. It seems that it's been a good year for apple growing, and not enough people have been coming out and picking. So I strongly recommend it: it's a lovely time, and the apples are great if you just walk a few trees back from the front.

Afterwards, we repaired back to ladysprite's place for Cooks' Guild. mermaidlady and I worked together on apple fritters, which came out quite nicely; it was a bit seat-of-the-pants, but she's done a good writeup of roughly what we did. Pretty easy, and very tasty results...
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