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Not as bad as the traditional kind, but...

Garh -- got hit by a visual migraine about 20 minutes ago, and it's wrecking merry havoc with my day.

For those who, like me until a couple of years ago, don't know what a visual migraine is, it shows up as sort of flashing blind spots -- in my case, typically near the center of my vision. As I write this, it's beginning to ease off, but the Subject line above was typed mostly by feel, because I couldn't actually read what I was typing. (At times like this, I'm glad that I touch-type.) Right now, the flashing has moved slightly peripheral to the center: before, I could only read what I *wasn't* looking at, which is difficult.

I can count my blessings that I don't generally get the headaches: it could be much worse. And they don't happen often. But it's still damned irritating to be interrupted for half an hour because I suddenly can't read. (Much less drive, so going and getting the DBA for Crossert Consulting is also out until this is done with.)

The first couple of times it happened it scared the heck out of me; by now, I know that I just have to wait it out, which usually takes 20-60 minutes. Annoyingly unpredictable, though...
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