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The first-lines game

Following gyzki, new_man and probably innumerable others by now (mostly because I was curious what the results would be):

"iTunes on shuffle, first lines of the first twenty songs (skipping instrumental pieces, and ones in languages I don't understand). In the Age of Google, this isn't really a challenge anymore, just a peek into part of my life. My eccentric little life." That said, feel free to guess at tracks in the comments -- honor system to do it without looking them up. Some are gimmes, some less so, nothing *really* obscure, although I'd be surprised if anyone gets all of these without looking them up.

In this particular case, chosen from the "Better" playlist, which is the stuff I'm particularly fond of. Aside from one group that surprisingly showed up twice (I don't actually have that much of theirs), it's not a bad representation of my rather eclectic tastes...

1. My shoes went out with a pair of red hot high heels last night
2. Tonight's the night we'll make history, as sure as dogs can fly
3. Who are you
4. Now I dialed 911 a long time ago
5. Captain's on a holiday, first mate has gone away
6. Don't let's start, this is the worst part
7. Movin' on the floor now babe, you're a bird of paradise
8. Put down your remote control, throw out your TV Guide
9. Six o'clock in the morning, I feel pretty good
10. How's everybody doing tonight -- you, you, and you (way in the back)?
11. Any dolt with half a brain can see that humankind has gone insane
12. Ecce gratum et optatum ver reducit gaudia (okay, it kind of violates the "languages I don't understand" clause, but it's my favorite track from one of my favorite albums)
13. I'd drive a million miles to be with you tonight
14. At first I was afraid, I was petrified, kept thinking I could never live without you by my side
15. I'm never relaxed, even when I say I am
16. Sometimes I feel I've got to run away
17. Shake, shake, shake, signora, shake your body line (bonus points for guessing by whom)
18. Well, come on darlin', the stars are burnin' bright
19. The Breakfast Creek hotel is up for sale
20. When they all come crashing down, midflight
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