Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Hejlsberg and Steele on Concurrency and Language Design

Folks who are interested in Where Programming Is Going may want to listen to this talk on MSDN. It's an interview with Anders Hejlsberg (Microsoft's main guy on .NET) and Guy Steele (famous for Common Lisp and Fortress) talking about issues in modern language design, with a particular eye on concurrency. Nothing revolutionary, but it's a good talk with two of the most important current figures in the field, about what they've been trying to deal with in the languages they're propounding at Microsoft and Sun.

It tries to push the Silverlight version of the talk at you, but if you look down the page a bit, there are lots of other options if you don't have Silverlight installed. (I listened to it on MP3, since I was backgrounding it while I worked...)
Tags: programming

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