Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Name That Stunt

Okay -- tonight's the last presidential debate. It is widely agreed among the talking heads that this is McCain's last chance to change the race. (Mind, with three weeks left to go, there are lots of things that could happen to change things. But this may be his last chance to do so *intentionally*: after that, his fate is probably mostly out of his hands.)

McCain's recent history suggests that he is fond of stunts: big, flashy, sometimes ill-considered gambles designed to shake things up. From the Palin pick to the "I'll suspend my campaign because it's so terribly important that I lead the bailout" claim, he continues to grab at chances and shoot from the hip. I fully expect him to try *something* new and different tonight. (Most people assume he's going to play the William Ayers card, but I'm suspecting that he'll downplay that -- it's looking pretty spent already.)

So -- guesses? What will McCain pull out of his pocket to try to either make himself look good or Obama look bad?
Tags: politics

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