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Acknowledgement of Absolute Correctness

Been meaning to mention for a while: kudos to mermaidlady for prodding me to try MarketSpice Tea, out of Seattle. It's traditionally a pain to get -- one of those things you send people on pilgrimages to the West Coast for. Now Amazon is carrying it; no reports yet on whether it suffers from the shipping. (msmemory brought back a pound for me when she was out there for a conference.)

Regardless, it's extraordinary stuff. Intense flavors of cinnamon and orange, and a fundamental sweetness so strong that adding sugar (or indeed, any adulterants) would be a crime. Works beautifully both iced and hot. Not cheap, but not expensive by the standards of good tea.

My tastes run to the dark and smoky: I'm one of those people who really, truly loves lapsang souchong, and this is the absolute opposite pole of the flavor spectrum. So that should underscore my statement that this is one of the finest teas around. I can imagine the tea purists not going for it -- the flavor is really about the cinnamon and orange, rather than the tea itself -- but for anyone else I give it a very strong recommendation...
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