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Head. Desk. Bam. -- or, Any OpenID (or LJ) experts in the audience?

There are days that I really hate being anywhere near the cutting edge, because it mostly tends to cut my legs off.

It appears that, sometime in the very recent past (past couple of weeks), CommYou's LiveJournal integration broke. Far as I can tell, this isn't due to anything I did: the version on the live site is just as dead as on my test laptop. I'm not sure when it happened, because I don't re-login very often, but it's sometime since I put up release 0.3.0.

Best I can tell, LJ's OpenID implementation is now broken, but that's based on a very inexpert understanding of the protocol. I seem to be using Version 1.1 of the protocol, and according to this report, Version 1.1 isn't allowed to send the op_endpoint parameter. LJ is not only sending it, it's sending it *empty*, which is causing the OpenID libraries to crash. (If present, it's supposed to be a URL.) Don't know what changed; like I said, this was working a few weeks ago, and my code hasn't changed.

Grumph. Does anyone know OpenID well enough to confirm my understanding that this is LJ's fault? (It's certainly possible that the problem is in the SXIP library I'm using -- that it's doing something wrong and LJ stopped tolerating it.) Does anyone know LJ well enough to know who I should be reporting it to? For the moment, I'll probably just have to hack around it, but I assume I'm not the only person seeing this problem...
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