Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

You Know You've Been a Peer Too Long When...

... you feel vaguely guilty about skipping an event that you aren't working at, isn't actually in your Barony, and is focused on a subject that you don't actually practice.

Both msmemory and I had been intending to go to Les Jeux de Chevaux today; it's a pleasant day of sitting around, chatting and watching a bunch of the best riders in the Kingdom doing impressive (if sometimes slightly silly) feats of equestrian prowess. But they had been predicting rain for several days, which weakened our resolve somewhat. And we got to noonish today, and found that neither of us quite had the impetus to get into garb. So we instead spent the day practicing the art that we are both most skilled at: shopping.

The bulk of the money was spent on things that we had actually been at least vaguely planning on. The big-ticket item was a new all-in-one printer/scanner/copier thingy. That cost a fair amount, but it replaces the printer (which has been getting a little persnickety) and the scanner (which appears to be just plain dead). It costs about as much as it would have to buy the devices separately, and takes a smaller footprint, so in our increasingly-jammed house it's a win.

The big find of the afternoon, though, was Russo's. As so often happens, dinner tonight was dictated by America's Test Kitchen -- one episode gave a yummy-looking recipe for Twice-Baked Potatoes, and the other was Texas Chili; I decided that they might go decently well together, so I'm making both. Bizarrely, though, Whole Foods was entirely out of Jalapeno peppers, leaving me with the prospect of using the old jarred ones from the fridge, which offended my ambitious foodie intentions. So as we were driving home, she suggested that we check out Russo's, which folks down in South Waltham had been telling her was a nice farmstand.

The place turns out to be way down River Street, further than I've ever gone. From the outside, it looks like a pleasant but uninspiring flower shop. But inside is a cornucopia of produce. Essentially the entire interior of the fairly large store is given over to every form of edible plant life I've ever seen. More varieties of fruits and vegetables than I've ever seen in one place, along with large numbers of relatively obscure foreign plants with names of various pronounceability. There's also a very good cheese counter, a modest bakery and prepared foods. And wonder of wonders, they have a full line of Dr. Brown's sodas, including Cel-Ray, my favorite soda in the whole world. (Yes, it's celery soda. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.) But mostly it's about produce.

The place is a real find, and a keeper. The selection is the best around, the quality of the produce appears to be just as high as at Whole Foods, and the prices are vastly more reasonable. It's a little out of the way, but we're going to have to keep it in mind when we're buying more than routine plant life...

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