Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Seneschal candidates Q&A

A brief diary entry last night, for posterity (while I'm waiting for the Flex Builder package to download):

I ran the Q&A session with the two candidates for Seneschal (hugh_mannity and hfcougar) last night. I limited everyone to one question at a time, and did one round of people getting to ask a question before allowing folks to do a second. We got a total of 23 questions, all of them directed to both candidates, from 16 different people.

This went, frankly, even better than I'd expected. People generally stuck to questions that were interesting, relevant and not redundant with each other; both candidates gave lots of good answers. Everybody kept things polite and friendly. I let the questions go on for about an hour -- that seemed like enough, and the flood of questions seemed to be slowing down.

Overall, I thought it was the Barony at its best: serious but calm and friendly. With any luck, the actual vote next month will go as smoothly...
Tags: diary, sca

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