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Order of Precedence Schema

Some time ago, msmemory and I sat down and hashed out a tentative schema for an Order of Precedence database, designed to reflect all of the information she is currently tracking by hand. I've been busy enough on CommYou and other projects that I haven't managed to code the thing up yet (the difficulty of having a thousand interesting projects on tap at any given time), but I don't want to lose track of it. And since the cats keep knocking over the whiteboard, I'd better transcribe it before they manage to erase it completely.

So the following are our notes on the OP schema. It's a bit informal, but should be good enough to get the point across. It's described in terms of data type; these might or might not all actually wind up DB tables, but they're the conceptual objects and relationships we need to track. (In particular, when I say "Enumeration" below, it means a relatively finite list, but they might be represented as either real enumerations or small tables.) Note that most pointers may be null -- the sad reality is that information is often incomplete. It's by no means final, but it's mostly right.

This is potentially interesting to programming or heraldry/OP geeks, and probably not to anyone else.

In no particular order (well, in the order they wound up in the white board sketch):

Crowned Head
Type: Crown Type
Name: SCA Name
Group: Group

Crown Type
Enumeration -- King, Baron, Prince, etc.

Name: String
Type: Group Type
Contained By: Group

Group Type
Enumeration -- Kingdom, Barony, Shire, etc.

SCA Name
Name: String
Person: Person
IsRegistered: Boolean
Gender/Type: Gender/Type

Enumeration: Unknown, Male, Female, Collective

Primary Name: SCA Name
Resides In: Group
Current Mundane Name: Mundane Name
Registered Arms: String
Is Collective: Boolean
Is Living: Boolean

Mundane Name
Name: String
Person: Person
Gender/Type: Gender/Type

Award Level
Enumeration: Peerage, Upper Kingdom, Lower Kingdom, etc.

Name: String ("Laurel", "Crescent", "AoA", etc)
Group: Group
Level: Award Level

Crown 1, Crown 2: Crowned Head
Date: Date
Name of Court: String (optional, eg, "First Court of TRM")
Event: Event
Sequence: Integer (eg, first, second, third court of the event)

Name: String
Hosting Group: Group

Court: Court
Recipient: SCA Name
Award: Award
Sequence: Integer
Data Source: Data Source (where we got the info from)
As Part Of: SCA Name (collective)

Data Source
Enumeration -- Court Report, Heard from Recipient, Other Kingdom OP, etc
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