Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

State of the Justin...

... is pretty decent, actually. I've been rather stressy, which is bad for sleep, but by the numbers it's been a good week.

After First Thanksgiving at new_man and mermaidlady's place, we did Second Thanksgiving for ourselves on Sunday. (The roast pig was great and the plum pudding utterly fabulous, but we're kind of incapable of making it through November without turkey and green bean casserole.) Today's project was my annual Turkey Boil, taking the remainder of the bird and reducing it to meat (for chili and turkey pie), Thick As Mud Turkey Stock, and schmaltz to use for cooking.

As of yesterday, I have a handshake agreement for a programming contract. It's interesting work, and while the project is short term (I'll be rather distracted by that for the next three weeks), it looks like there's potential for a longer-term relationship there. (I'm not looking for full-time whilst still trying to push CommYou along, but ongoing contract work might be quite interesting.) BTW, if anybody is looking for junior-to-mid programming work, you may want to take a look at them. It's Memento Security, and they are hiring for a bunch of developer positions as well as things like on-site "Solution Architects".

And brunch today with ladysprite. Need to do more of that -- I've been feeling a bit socially isolated in recent months (presumably because of the soloish nature of the CommYou project), and missing going out with friends. Especially once the short-burn project ends, I hope to get out with folks more...
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