Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Sounds from Alternate Dimensions

I swear, Jedi *clearly* has the ability to open portals to other worlds, and cause havoc there.

I say this because, on a regular basis, I hear noises that sound like the entire house is crashing down: massive thumpings, clatterings and clangings, always followed by the sound of running feet. Yet, when I get to the apparent location of the noise, nothing is out of place.

Of course, there are other possibilities. For example, that the house *is* crashing down, and the cats are simply repairing it before I can get upstairs. But given their lack of thumbs, I think that Occam's Razor indicates otherwise. It's much easier to believe that the noises are coming through dimensional portals, as Jedi returns from whatever the heck adventures he's getting into over there...
Tags: cats

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