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Well, sounds like there might be hope...

There's an interesting article in Ars Technica today about the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Apparently, there was a panel discussion at Caltech last week, including the star and director of the movie, to talk about some of the movie's points -- the article makes it sound like Keanu Reeves was pretty out of his depth (shocking), but the director actually had a clue and was pretty respectful of the subject.

Towards the end, they do a brief review of the movie itself, and their conclusion seems to be that it's pretty good. It sounds like the reviewers were deliberately comparing it with the original, and find it a good updating of the same core concepts to the current times. Mind, it also sounds like they don't have quite the reverence for the original that some of us do (it's regarded by many folks as one of the greatest SF films of all time), but if the remake is good on its own terms, I might give it a chance. We'll see what further reviews have to say...
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