Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Coolest video-editing toys I've seen in a long time...

Thanks to Aaron for the pointer to this remarkable little movie from Adobe. Suffice it to say, they figured out a reasonably simple and elegant mechanism for object-tracking in video -- and then started playing with what you can do with that technology. "Graffiti" that tracks objects in the video; drag-and-drop manipulation of the video timeline; even quick and easy video fumetti.

If Adobe doesn't commercialize this quickly, they're fools. The techies and artists would *love* this stuff: if the tool operates as illustrated, it brings a lot of clever and useful power to the end user. I'd bet good money that they'd see a million downloads of the tool in a week, and it would probably become a routine tool for the YouTube crowd. (And if they opened up the back end properly, I suspect that folks would quickly come up with a hundred more applications...)
Tags: technology

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