Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Google Magazine Search

For those who haven't heard: apparently, Google Book Search has begun to put scanned magazines up onto the Web. Looks like a decently professional job of it, when I look at, for instance, Popular Science, I find that they've provided things like hyperlinks from the table of contents to the articles. Best of all, they've been pretty thorough: the Popular Science archive goes all the way back to May 1872, and seems to come up to early this year.

What I haven't found yet, though, is an index of which magazines they have on offer. I'm enormously curious. Anybody see a listing around anywhere?

(Side-note of minor relevance to my friends: when I went to the Google Book Search homepage, the random topic it decided to show me was blacksmithing, and they appear to have quite a number of books scanned on the subject...)
Tags: technology

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