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State of the Justin: slightly used, but otherwise okay

Wound up down at the doctor's yesterday: no crisis, just a sudden influx of stuff that I needed to talk to her about. No surprises found -- in all cases, she confirmed what I thought was going on.

First was the chest pain. (I need to learn a way to say that on the phone that doesn't cause the receptionist to panic.) As expected, that's just a recurrence of the long-standing reflux problems, presumably brought on by a recent excess of Starbucks and post-Thanksgiving overeating. In the interest of curbing the Starbucks habit, I'm introducing some sweeter teas with milk in the morning. (Chai with Mate makes a fine substitute when I'm craving coffee.)

Then there were the ears, which was really why I went in: as expected, they desperately needed a professional cleanout. (I do my best to maintain them myself, but about once a year they need to be dealt with by the doctor before I completely lose my hearing.) As usual, my range of hearing quite suddenly went up by about an octave as soon as that was done, with a sharp crispness to sounds that had previously been dulled -- msmemory described it as the aural equivalent of the "Leaves!" effect that most glasses wearers are familiar with.

More annoying was the sudden foot pain that started yesterday morning; she confirmed, as expected, that this was the return of my plantar fasciitis. This is annoying mostly because I haven't been abusing myself particularly -- the first time it happened, it could be attributed to several months of Buffens practice, but I haven't been doing anything so vigorous lately. As usual, though, she quickly pinpointed the problem, scolding me for my well-worn shoes and pointing out how the pattern of wear indicated that I need more arch support than they could provide at this point. Switching to a new pair this morning makes a remarkable difference, and leads to me suspect that the bigger cause of the problem has probably been working at home -- I've been spending much of my days in bedroom slippers with precisely zero arch support.

Dance practice last night was a washout, below critical mass. A bit frustrating, but not astonishing given the weather and the lateness in the season. Given that I couldn't dance myself anyway, I didn't mind all the much, but I'll send around a note next week to make sure it looks like we'll have enough folks...
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