Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The Theory and Practice of Meta-materials

Science geeks might want to check out this article from Ars Technica last week, talking about the theoretical "super-antenna". It's talking about a very hypothetical concept -- essentially, how to produce coherent light without a laser -- but the first half of the article is actually the most interesting bit.

Basically, it talks about the latest step in what I see as scientists coming to terms with the mathematical nature of the universe: instead of taking existing materials and figuring out how to use them, they've begun to address problems in terms of how you want to bend space, and then invent meta-materials that can accomplish that. Which approach sounds a bit improbable, but is starting to actually produce some results: for a very early field, meta-materials seem to be producing a lot of fascinatingly cool possibilities.

Neat stuff -- it's one of those "yes, we really *are* living in the 21st century" stories. I'll be interested to see how much success they have in turning these cool theories into practice...
Tags: science

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