Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Happy Things: helping the family communicate

Last night's project was setting up our computer's camera and getting Skype working. This was mainly practice and research so that today, while visiting my mother, I could give her a camera for Christmas and set up Skype on her computer. This, in turn, was principally so that she could make video phone calls to her grandchildren in California.

So, after half an hour of chatter about assorted dolls that Riley got for Christmas (all with pink dresses and shoes that can be removed -- at four years old, Riley is already *fascinated* by shoes), I feel like I have done good for the holiday. Really, the camera wasn't the present, setting up Skype was, since she just wouldn't have done it herself: by making it easier for Mom to talk to the grandkids, I think it's going to make everyone a little happier.

msmemory and I also worked together to hang the Art that Mom bought at Paradise City a couple of months ago: two pairs of photographs that really help make her living room look finished. (Two of them have the same pseudo-3D effect as the piece we have in our bathroom.) Fortunately, with the two of us working together, we managed to get everything hung symmetrically on the first try, despite differently sized pictures and differently structured frames and hanging wires. Yay for measure twice, hammer nails once...
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