Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Happy Things: A busy day of panels

Just got my preliminary schedule for Arisia. It's entertainingly unbalanced, but likely to be fun. I have one panel on Friday, one on Saturday, and *seven* on Sunday. So basically I get to relax and see the convention on Saturday, and then go into full-scale Panel Marathon on Sunday, starting at 10am and running until 11pm, with a few two-hour breaks in the middle to eat and get my head together.

Should be amusing: I've never done quite so *much* blathering in one day before, but I suspect it won't be too hard. And the most important of the bunch -- The Future of Online Community, which I'm moderating and expect to be jam-packed with both people and ideas -- is smack in the middle of Sunday, so that looks to be the high point of the weekend...
Tags: diary

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