Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Happy Things: spending the holiday with friends

Yesterday was a bit too out-and-about (with msmemory and I searching in vain for an open gourmet shop to pick up soup mix from), so I didn't get around to posting, so consider this a make-up post. It was a good New Year's.

Because of Wednesday's snow, we ran a bit slow on New Year's Eve, and decided not to do our usual party-hopping. Instead, we grabbed a quick dinner, and headed over to Camelot for the annual Lochleven/Camelot/bunch of other things New Year's Eve party. They hadn't managed to secure a Certificate of Occupancy for the (huge and gorgeous) Camelot Commons, but they just moved the party next door into one of the legal but not yet occupied houses. We were cozy, but since there was no furniture yet everybody fit, and it made for a boisterous good time.

My toast for this year is worth remembering for the diary: "2008 was a learning experience. Somewhere, I have a button that reads, 'Okay, that was a bit *too* educational', and that sums up the year nicely. Learning is good, but for 2009: Success!"

New Year's Day started, as always, with brunch at Joan and Ed's, with ladysprite and a gaggle of friends. It's become one of those traditions I very much look forward to: beginning the year with good people, freewheeling conversation and fine pancakes really seems like the right way to do it...
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