Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Yeah, I didn't need that knee anyway...

The happy part first: going bowling with friends is an annual treat. I don't do it much, but Kobi's birthday provides a fine excuse, as well as a chance to see lots of folks. I wound up playing with hungrytiger and isisofcool (as well as with Peter the Red) -- the main upshot of that game was realizing that their four-year-old daughter Michelle is a ringer, who really should be put into some sort of bowling-prodigy program. She would kind of hurl the ball down the court, sometimes in the right direction, sometimes into the bumpers (which were nominally up for her benefit, although the grown-ups needed them just as much). Regardless of which way she tossed it, the ball consistently made its way, Very Very Very Slowly, right to the center pin. It was magnificent to watch, a sort of Zen Bowling, and she tied me with a 70. (For a while, she was leading the group.)

I later played another set, and demonstrated that I get exactly the same score without the bumpers as I do with them. I wish I could say that that was because I didn't gain anything from the bumpers in the first game.

The only downside to all of this is my... well, let's say "unique"... bowling style. I can only bowl straight if my follow-through is good, and I only get good follow-through if my body is low. Very low. Like, with my eyes at around the level of the top of the pins.

The result -- well, those who attend dance practice regularly will know Rule Number 1 of the Riverenza: "Do Not Thump Your Knee on the Floor. Thumping Is Bad." I have completely failed to observe that rule myself today. Every single ball ended with a Thump. Mind, it was often a Thump that resulted in very good follow-through. But it's probably a good thing I don't do this more often...
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