Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Down to eight...

Hmm. Looking at my Arisia schedule, I see that one of my panels has vanished. That's okay: it was the 10pm Sunday panel, which I thought was a bit dicey to begin with (I gave it better than even odds of simply failing), and losing that makes my day look less crazy. (Still six panels, but ending at 8pm rather than 11pm.)

That said, it does seem like the concom needs to improve its communication a bit. The only reason I found out about the change was that a friend of mine mentioned that *her* schedule had changed significantly with no notification, so I decided to take a look. Making changes isn't necessarily a bad thing (in my case, it was precisely the alteration I would have preferred anyway), but folks' expectations got set by the original notice of "these are your panels", so I think there's a danger of people being badly surprised here...
Tags: arisia

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