Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Happy Things: a good dance practice

It's not novel, but always worth reflecting on: when I'm a little discouraged, there is almost nothing better for my mood than a good dance practice. Last night was one such. Despite the weather, we got the better part of 20 people, including three folks from MIT who were checking it out as part of IAP and Karen from Camelot. (Whose LJ handle I don't know, if she has one.) The gender balance was a little male-heavy (unusually; we tend to be more or less female-heavy most weeks), but not so out of whack as to be a problem. The Waytes played well, the dancers seemed to all have a good time; all in all, it was a net-positive dance practice for me, the sort of evening that leaves me more energetic and enthusiastic than I was going into it.

Seriously: y'all come by, and drag your friends along. Dance practice, even more than most SCA activities, has intensely strong network effects -- in simple terms, the more, the merrier. Small sessions (fewer than a dozen people) can be kind of quiet, but any time we hit 20 it's a *lot* of fun. It's one of the best activities to simply drop into when you have the time, and if you bring along a few people you almost guarantee that we'll be large enough for it to be a good night...
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