Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The right tool for the job

In this case, the Ice Chipper. For those in my flist who live in warmer climes, this is essentially a sharp metal spatula at the end of a five-foot stick. On days like today, when the front path is covered by 3/4 inch of solid ice, you walk along, slamming the thing down into the ice (ideally at a slight angle) to break it up into chunks that you can then kick off to the side. Took about 45 minutes to clear a rough but serviceable path from the front door to the street.

But my thanks to whoever it was (ladysprite, maybe?) who pointed out a while ago that taking your ibuprofen *before* you're in major pain is much more useful than after. I think that particular advice is the only reason I'm making it through this winter without winding up flat on my back...
Tags: diary

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