Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Where to find me, mostly on Sunday

Since it seems to be the thing to do, here are the panels I'll be on:

Fri, 8pm: Super-Mega-Epic Crossovers -- which I suspect will mostly be a "threat or menace?" sort of panel.
Sat, 3pm: The Ephemeral City -- talking about things like Pennsic and Burning Man: cities that spring up for a short time each year, and then vanish into the ground again.
Sun, 10am: Making a Video Game 101 -- pretty self-explanatory
Sun, 11am: Comics is Controversy -- examining the various times and ways in which comics have caused hubbubs in the past (sometimes intentionally, sometimes very much not), and why it happens so much.
Sun, 2pm: TV to Comics -- how everything from Star Trek to Firefly have made the jump between media.
Sun, 3pm: The Future of Online Community -- my pick for probable best panel of the weekend. Way too much to talk about, but it should be fun and freewheeling, if a little tricky to keep even remotely on-topic.
Sun, 6pm: Secret Societies in Fiction -- I'll be talking about both the theory and practice of secret societies, looking at both Freemasonry and the way I incorporated a secret society into TR II.
Sun, 7pm: The Best Indie Comics You're Not Reading -- the annual roundup. Mostly folks doing show-and-tell of their favorite books from companies other than The Big Three Or So.
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