Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Arisia Memories: Winners of the Trailer Competition

(First of some number of scattered short entries with highlights from Arisia, in no particular order.)

During the Masquerade half-time show, they showed trailers of upcoming and recent-but-obscure genre movies. Some predictable items (such as the Star Trek movie), and some that were interesting but which I'm reserving judgement on. (Like the Serenity fanfic movie Bellflower.) Some really great-looking possibilities, like the animated Coraline. But there were two clear winners, for being (a) unexpected (at least to me) and (b) geekily cool.

First runner-up is the totally goofy CJ7, which can apparently be best described "ET meets Shaolin Soccer": an utterly silly but fun-looking first contact story. It appears to already be out on DVD, so I'll probably pick a copy up at some point.

And the winner is Fanboys, the story of the most ridiculous-looking heist in history, as a group of geek attempts to rob Skywalker Ranch. The high concept is a bit thin, but the trailer is extremely funny in a high-geek sort of way, and the movie apparently has cameos from a ridiculous number of geeky stars, from Kevin Smith to William Shatner. I doubt it'll ever get really wide release, but it's apparently coming out imminently, so we should keep an eye out for it...
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