Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Arisia Memories: Coat Check

Okay, it shouldn't really be a surprise from the Pelican, but I have to admit that helping out with Coat Check was rather fun.

I hadn't been officially signed up for it: my panel schedule was busy enough that I was hanging loose for the rest of the weekend. But msmemory had signed up for the Friday and Saturday closing shifts, so I came along to help out. Those particular shifts (10-12pm) turn out to suit me well, because they're pretty frenetic: lots of people needing to get their coats fetched out of storage in a fairly short period of time, as everyone gets the clue that things will be closing soon.

It's oddly relaxing for such a busy experience -- all the dashing in and out, trying to figure out whether this rather-worn ticket is a red 74 or an orange one, finding out how bad most people are at describing their own coats. And yet it's not really brainwork, just high-speed search and destroy through a room tightly packed with down and wool. The result is rather energizing, a sort of real-world video game, just right to give me my second wind before a little late party-hopping.

So I'll have to remember that for next year: it's a volunteer shift that suits me rather nicely...
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