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Relationships Can Be Strange...

... especially relationships between cats.

I just brought down my water glass from last night. This is generally accepted as the Official House Water Source, greatly preferred by the cats to their own water bowl, although only when it is placed on the floor. As always, Merlin is obviously the thirstier; Comet was all but asleep. But as I set the glass down, Merlin pauses and looks over to Comet, who rouses himself up and lazily comes over to drink first. Once he is finished, Merlin will take his own turn.

One hears about the whole "alpha" and "beta" male thing all the time, and there are numerous examples in the way these two guys work. But this particular ritual seems to evoke it particularly strongly...

-- Justin
Who isn't going to get into just how effectively the cats have trained me to bring my water glass down for them each evening...

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