Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The ongoing bad fur day

Every cat is different, and each one is a learning experience. One of the main things I had to learn when we got the current kids was how to deal with Jez, who is the first longhair cat that either of us has ever owned. Fortunately, the vet was very clear from the beginning: we were to brush her *every* day, and get her used to it from an early age.

As he predicted, it quickly became part of our daily ritual, and as he predicted she quickly grew to like it. This means I don't have to be at all pushy about it -- the main brush lives at my bedside, and at least once each day when I'm in the bedroom (most often when I'm getting dressed), she comes up and presents herself for brushing, and I always give her at least a couple of minutes of it.

That said, I suspect both of us will be happy to have a bit of more normal humidity back. Brushing her this winter is rather like brushing an electric eel: every stroke crackles with constant static electricity, and her fur doesn't really come out any neater than when I started. (Indeed, often less so -- the static causes it to bunch oddly.) We'll both enjoy it more when it becomes a less shocking experience...
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