Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Decisions, decisions...

Tomorrow is a day at loose ends -- msmemory is off doing OES stuff all day. I find myself remarkably dithery about it.

-- I could go to the Towers meeting, where they are having a rather neat-sounding class on lampwork.
-- I could go to the vintage tea dance that eclecticmagpie is running, and learn a few new dances.
-- I could work on Work, which heaven knows is omnipresent. (I am acutely aware of the conventional wisdom that people bootstrapping startups aren't allowed to have work-life balance if they want to succeed.)
-- Or I could attempt to simply relax, which heaven knows I don't do enough.

Spoilt for choice, which isn't an entirely bad thing -- I'm just always excessively aware of my opportunity costs when faced with a decision like this. We'll see where I actually wind up...
Tags: diary

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