Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

A good week of poetry, song and dance

Before I forget, this week demands a diary entry. Starting on Tuesday, since Monday was boring:

Tuesday was my birthday (observed). We've gotten comfortable with the (observed) approach to dealing with the fact that our lives are often too crazy to deal with such things on the right date. So we went out to dinner -- at Masa, again, yes, it's become my new favorite restaurant. Aside from the Smoked Jalapeno Margarita (which was too good to change), we deliberately had all-different stuff from last time, and it was all still brilliant. I've officially told my father that I'm taking him there the next time he's up, which is pretty much the highest compliment I can pay a restaurant. (He's enthused, and immediately gave me a lesson in the history of Southwestern Fusion cuisine. It appears that foodiness is genetic.)

On Wednesday, following my outburst of outdoor observation and poetry, hfcougar and company conspired to give me a surprise birthday party at dance practice, including a variety of homemade cookies, and cupcakes the size of my head -- the sugar rush made teaching particularly entertaining. After everyone spent a while staring at each other at break, too shy to be the first to begin singing "Happy Birthday", asdr83, true to form, got exasperated and got the ball rolling. It was a delightful time all around, especially to have so many people up and dancing. (Few things are better for my mood than having a lot of people on the dance floor.)

Thursday, we took the opportunity to go see the Babydolls in "Unlucky in Love", about which we've previously spoken. Besides being a good show, it was great to see a solid audience even on a Thursday night -- the days when the audience was half Carolingians seem to have passed. Bit by bit, word seems to be getting out about the 'dolls.

Before our usual date night on Friday, we went over to serakit's "Capstone" (what I think of as a senior project), a series of five semi-autobiographical one-act plays. It was quite well done, if a tad painful as a frank reminder of what high school was like.

Today went a tad askew because I never did get around to making dinner reservations for Valentine's Day. (Since this was because I was distracted dealing with the rose, chocolates and sonnet, I have been informed that I not in the dog house.) Pretty much every good restaurant in the area was booked solid for the evening, so we instead went out for lunch to J's, which was our first choice restaurant anyway. The meal wasn't quite as fancy as dinner would have been, but it was still excellent as always. We split the Havarti fondue, and I had the steak tips and gorgonzola pizza; we both had flights of wine, a fine solution to the insane number of choices at Nashoba.

Afterwards, we went down the hill to the winery, and as always bought one each of far too many bottles. They've got several good new items in, but the biggest surprise is the gin, which is truly excellent: more balanced than most, so even msmemory is willing to contemplate martinis made with it. That and their new "Renaissance" wine look to be the big new winners.

And now, off to a simple dinner of bean soup. (With chopped chorizo, because I'm tempermentally incapable of "simple"...)
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