Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

All things eventually move into the cloud, including programming

Intriguing early-stage story for programmers: Ars is reporting on Bespin, a new all-online IDE. It's explicitly just starting out, and has a variety of issues still, but the high concept is quite cool: a programming environment that is accessible from everywhere and intensely customizable, designed from the ground up for online use.

I'd bet that it'll take them a year to get this ready for serious use, but once they do it could become yet another real threat to the established players. In particular, it's a much more natural mode for truly collaborative work, which in some environments may make a lot of sense: combine a webcam-based chat with a shared programming desktop, and you potentially have a fine environment for pair programming, code reviews, and lots more.

My guess is that it'll be some years before this hits the enterprise, but it's enough of a natural for open-source that it'll probably start getting picked up by some projects even while it's still kind of new and squishy. So keep an eye on this one...
Tags: technology

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